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Voisin's Strawberry Maple Syrup makes for one of the ultimate pancake toppings! It’s so easy to make your breakfast seriously tasty when paired with fluffy whipped cream. The natural sweeteners make it a great choice!

Strawberry Maple Syrup

  • Voisin’s Maple Products uses different packaging and shipping methods depending on where your order is being delivered. It is unlikely for bottles to be damaged during shipping and we take responsibility for their safe packaging. If any of your order is damaged during the shipping process, Voisin’s Maple Products will either replace your product(s) or refund your payment. Sufficient photographs showing proof of the damaged goods are required before any refund or replacement is considered.

  • *Please refrigerate your maple syrup after opening. For other gourmet products, please follow the guidelines of refrigeration on packaging.

Free Shipping on CA  orders over $175  some exceptions apply

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